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The Role of Emotions in Prosperity and Successful Trading


Book Review of "The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich" by Jooyun Hung and Suh Yoon Lee

Your emotions are the true key to fulfilling your desires. You can count money and keep statistics, but it's not purely rational. To truly understand money, it's important to deeply engage with your emotions. They have a significant influence on your subconscious mind and what manifests in your life.

Key insights include:

  • Your emotions are crucial for prosperity and successful trading.
  • Become aware of your emotions and feel how you react in different situations, such as spending money.
  • Spend money abundantly, not out of fear or scarcity.
  • Develop a sense of when your intuition gives you a "green light" to spend money and when it's a "red light."

In the book "The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich," you will be sensitized to perceive your own emotions regarding money. It vividly shows you how to develop positive emotions.

The secret lies in abundance and gratitude for everything you already have in your life. Your emotions act as catalysts for what manifests in your life. Live and behave as if you have already realized your dream scenario. From this abundance, you attract even more abundance, leading to exponential growth!

The author also explains the monetary system and why saving is not a good idea. There is an infinite amount of money. It is constantly being printed, and money is always in circulation. It is a misconception to believe that you lose money when you spend it. You are simply returning it to the circulation. When you do this with good intentions, more money flows back to you. If you interrupt the circulation by being excessively frugal and solely focusing on saving money, the cycle is no longer complete, and less money flows to you. In life, everything seeks balance. However, balance cannot be achieved if you block the flow out of fear of loss.

The secret and practical advice is to focus on abundance until you feel a warm, pleasant sensation and rejoice in everything you have in your life. Above all, repeatedly remind yourself of what financial abundance enables you to do. For example, when you pay for a cup of coffee, be conscious in that moment that you have the financial abundance to make that purchase. Pause and be present in that very moment. Be deeply grateful in your heart for this opportunity, and enjoy the process of the purchase.

Thoughts like "Maybe I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere" or "I already have something similar at home" are thoughts that try to discourage you from enjoying the purchase. This doesn't mean being wasteful with your money. Truly prosperous people experience deep peace and joy in every purchase process. However, if you feel uncomfortable and nervous, pause and don't ignore the feeling. It wants to tell you something! Could this item pose a significant financial burden for you? Are you trying to prove something to someone or yourself through owning this item? Reflect on all of this when you have an uneasy feeling during the purchase process. Look honestly within yourself and be open to recieve the message of your emotions.

Understanding that your emotions have a direct connection to your financial well-being is crucial. By consciously perceiving your emotions and cultivating positive feelings towards money, you open yourself up to abundance and manifest more prosperity in your life.

Trust that money is a flow and is always in motion. When you live in abundance by being generous and spending money with a positive attitude, you open the doors to even greater wealth. Let go of fears and scarcity thoughts and allow yourself to be in a state of trust and gratitude.

What emotions do you feel when you trade? Feel free to share in the comments.

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